New Antenna Line

Indoor Repeater Set For 3G/UMTS 2100 Bands


RFConnect provides the following products and solutions for the GSM, CDMA, 3G/UMTS/WCDMA and Wireless systems.

Low to medium power repeaters/boosters for indoor coverage

10mw to 1watt Output Power, Full band or selective band, Compact and light weight.

High power repeaters/boosters for outdoor and indoor coverage

1watt to 20watts Output Power, High Gain, Band selective or full band, Weather proof.

Antennas for indoor coverage

Wall & Ceiling dome mounted types, broadband for all networks, easy to install.

Antennas for outdoor coverage

Yagi high gain type, Panel type, Corner & Omni types.

Splitters, Combiners & Couplers, for coverage and Distribution Antenna Systems (DAS)

Splitters and Combiners, 2-ways to 32 ways, Couplers for 6dB to 30dB coupling.

Coverage system installation accessories

Coaxial Cables low loss, Attenuators, Terminators, Connectors, Adapters.

Your one stop wireless-solutions shop

We can provide you with any type of RF product for your cellular coverage needs, either stand alone items like repeaters/boosters, antennas, cables, etc, or complete coverage system solutions that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

RFConnect also offers repeater or booster system kits. They are plug and play, easy to install, and available for small or large coverage areas.

Enhance your mobile reception signal

If you suffer from coverage problems such as:

  • Weak reception signal
  • Dropped calls
  • Signals fading
  • Communication interruptions

Whether in remote, urban, indoor or outdoor locations, RFConnect can solve your coverage problems and provide you with the optimum, cost-effective solution.

Indoor Coverage

If you are after "inbuilding" coverage, for your private home or home-office, for multi-story or high-rise buildings, for your business office to warehouse or factory, for basements or parking lot, you'll find the right solutions at RFConnect.

Outdoor Coverage

If you are after outdoor coverage solutions, for your backyard, country farm, mining location or for the entire village, or for any other locations RFConnect will offer you the optimal coverage solution.

[repeaters / boosters are not for use in Australia]