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About RFConnect

RFConnect Wireless Solutions provides products and solutions to the cellular and wireless global markets.

The need for cellular and wireless coverage solutions

With the growing demand for better coverage and more reliable cellular and wireless communications continuity, the need for RF coverage solutions that enhance signal reception has become crucial.

Whether it is just for the individual, or a whole community, RFConnect has the skills and products to boost your cellular and wireless signal reception. We solve all problems relating lack of coverage, including black spots and shadow areas, inside buildings, remote outdoor areas and many more.

RFConnect Business Philosophy

RFConnect is dedicated to providing its customers with appropriate and competitive technical solutions to solve their coverage problems, using cost-effective and reliable products.

RFConnect technical support

RFConnect is a professional company located in Australia with an experienced technical team specializing in the cellular-wireless market. RFConnect seeks to provide customers not only with competitive products and solutions, but with comprehensive before and after technical sales support.


Please send your enquiry to, or call us on +61-7-31025725.

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Thanks for your interest in RFConnect wireless products and solutions.